Title: Carol Dollar – Stomach Cancer
From: Libby – This is for my Cousins JC and his wife Carol Dollar. They live in Blue Springs, Missouri. Carol is now scheduled for partial to full stomach removal on May 11. That is pending a negative Covid-19 test. A person with active cancer is 4 times more likely to get Covid-19. They are attempting to head off any cancer spread to her liver. She will be in the hospital 7+ days. She can’t have any visitors including her husband, JC.
Prayer Request: JC will be allowed to be there during the surgery and will talk to the doc immediately afterwards. JC will then have to leave and can’t return until she is discharged. She will probably have a feeding tube at least initially. They plan on learning to do face-time and may do some Zoom. They have been encouraged to do this also whenever a physician is in her room. Major changes are ahead for them. Please keep JC and Carol your prayers.
Thank you,