UPDATE ON CAROL: Today Carol had 30% of her stomach removed and was in the OR for right at 5 hours. The surgery was not near as drastic as it could have been. The doctor said that she has a long recovery ahead of her. He said that this is one of the most difficult surgeries to “rise above” in that it takes a great toll on one physically and emotionally and one’s core has to be strengthened anew. They are attempting to not have to put in a feeding tube. She does have tubes in her nostrils down into her stomach. These will be there at least 5 days. She will be hospitalized 7-10 days. She is not in ICU or step down as those are triaged for Covid-19. However, I was told that for the first couple of days a nurse will be with her at all times. She was tested for Covid-19 Saturday and it came back negative.
They tell me that she is in a lot of pain. She has always had such a high threshold of pain. So much so that when she complains of pain it is usually 10+. They are waiting on the results of multiple biopsies. A troublesome finding was her enlarged spleen and liver. She will be referred to KU’s acclaimed Liver Center. Again, thank you for your prayers, thoughts, cards, texts, email, comments and other messages. They mean so much to all of us. Scott nor I will be able to visit Carol. The next time we see her will be at discharge as they roll her out to the van. However, eventually I will be able to do FaceTime and Zoom with her later. Scott with his specialized equipment will be able to text with her. One final thank you. Scott has been a Trojan as he has helped us in so many ways during the Covid-19 Stay-at-Home orders. He is now back here at the house helping his Dad cope with the stressors around Carol. Thank you Scott for being the man that you are. You set such a high standard for men everywhere. Be blessed my son! Be blessed dear Carol!